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Our Story

At New Normal Studios our motto is "because 'it' always matters to us." We believe that being a perfectionist is a positive and almost necessary quality when 'it' comes to media. We give individual artists, small businesses and corporations of all walks the tools they need to not only bring their visions to life, but make them marketable. Let us take your brand or idea and help 'it' go from ordinary to extraordinary. Let us show you the New Normal.


Founders and owners Ross and AJ come with over 25 years of industry experience and have made their lives' work about creating high-quality content that exceeds the expectations of every single client.

Ross is a professional musician with a degree in music performance and collaborations with numerous Wisconsin Area Music Industry and Grammy award winners. He also is an incredibly talented visual artist with a keen eye for cinematography and a knack for editing an extensive commercial marketing experience.

AJ has worked on tv and film sets for most of her career and is thrilled to be able to use her writing, visual art, photography and eye for aesthetic to make any story dynamic. Before creating New Normal Studios with Ross, she spent her time working with major national and international brands and brings that wisdom and background to every New Normal Studios project.

Additionally, as members of the LGBTQ community, both Ross and AJ are dedicated and committed to fostering an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and inclusion with every client we work with, regardless of race, creed, gender identity or sexual orientation. No matter who you are, your dream, your vision and your 'it' has a home and a voice with us. Welcome to New Normal Studios. 

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